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A List Poem

Poetry is an exciting way for young learners to play with words. This is an easy but still important poetry lesson. It is a simple way to introduce brainstorming and adjectives as well as poetry. if you are working with a group of children such as scouts or a classroom you need to have a board or large paper for the group poem. this is to role model the process. as I always state (or think in my head) this lesson can be tailored for younger or older students.

As a group decide on the topic of the group poem.

Let’s say someone said dolphins:

Then you would write the title and write down all of the responses of descriptive words. Depending on the crowd, you may have too many words. So, this is your chance to discuss words that are similar and how to eliminate.

Then you write the final list poem.







When you have completed writing the first poem together, allow the child or the children to write their own.  The beauty of this lesson is that it can be used for almost any topic. It would be ideal for animals, seasons, nature, social studies and much more.

A Few Examples:

Beginning of the year:  Have students write a list poem about themselves.

Mother’s Day/Father’s Day: Have child make a card and write list poem inside about parent.

Earth Day: Choose a topic such as the earth, land, pollution, ocean, trees etc and write a list poem. Extend it into an art project using paint and paper to illustrate the topic.


Show dad how much he rocks with this cool gift! Make dad an easy, but useful paper weight for his desk or dresser at home. The reminder of his thoughtful child will bring him smiles all year long.  If you need to buy rocks, first check your local hardware store and ask for a sample of a smooth river rock (I also found them labeled as Mexican river rock and large beach pebbles.)


Choose a special rock.

Rinse it off and dry.

Set out glitter glue and different material to decorate.

We love glitter glue!

Example of materials:

Smear glitter glue with sponge or paint brush onto rock.

Let it dry completely.

decorated rocks

MONEY SAVING TIP:  For large groups, cut up padding for seat cushions. I found mine at a craft store for $2.00 and cut up into 30-40 pieces.

Much more cost effective than sponge brushes.

Father’s Day Frame

Making a frame for dad is fun and simple and makes a great father’s day gift.

What you will need:

  • Small wooden frame
  • Acrylic paint
  • Washers and bolts
  • Permanent adhesive glue like GemTac
  • Photograph

Remove glass from frame. Paint frame solid color and let it dry.
Use permanent adhesive glue to decorate outside of frame with nuts and washers. Let dry completely.
Insert the photo and the glass into the frame.

Nuts and bolts can found at hardware store or maybe leftovers from the tool box.
This frame can be made to fit dad’s interests. For example, use tees and markers instead to make a golf frame.

I found this frame for one dollar at Michaels, but there is not a piece of glass in it. They also have wooden pieces painted or not painted in different shapes such as baseball gloves and bats, fish, etc. (These range from 59-99 cents.) So, this can be made for any theme and it is inexpensive. A great project for a group of children in a class or social group such as boy scouts.


Create A Father’s Day Book

This can be done in several ways depending on child’s age and how much parent participation you want!

The simple version is to have plain paper and design a cover with the title, My Dad. Then on each page have your child write and illustrate the page. Some examples:

My dad is the best because _____,

I love to go _____ with my dad,

My favorite thing to do with dad,

I hope to _______with my dad,

My dad is really good at______,

His favorite thing to do with me is______.

This can be written on the computer and printed out or hand written for older children.  Real photos can be used or hand drawn.


To elaborate on this idea, the book can be embellished and made into a scrapbook. Find photos of dad doing activities with the children and design pages to go with the theme. For example, if you have a hiking photo, create a page titled “I love hiking with my dad!”

Click on the link below for scrapbooking ideas and books.

If you have enough time, create a book with iphoto (for the MAC users) or any of the photo companies. These are so cool and fun to read! A great gift for anyone.

Wooden Nameplate

Here is a project for the older children that are able to use a hammer. This crafty nameplate is a good gift for dad on Father’s Day or just for the child to keep him or herself. The nameplate can be hung or used as a paper weight.

What you will need:

  • Flat piece of wood
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer or mallet
  • Pencils
  • Paints and paintbrush
  • Sandpaper

Draw a design around the edges of the wood and write name to fill the middle of the piece of wood.

Use the hammer to tap the blade of a screwdriver into the wood, following the lines of the design and letters.

Sand the top and the edges of the nameplate.

Paint the nameplate any color to highlight the name and design. Let it dry.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is a fun day to show your dad (and husband) how much you love and appreciate him. Here are a few homemade gifts to show your love!

Dad’s Pen Holder

What you will need:

  • Empty container, shorter than a pen
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors glue and markers

Measure a rectangle piece of paper by rolling the container one full circle around on the construction paper. Cut out the rectangle.
Glue the rectangle on the container.

Cut out shapes, or use stickers to decorate. Older children can cut out tie shapes and decorate to look like dad’s ties.

Now dad had a place at home or at work to keep all of his pens handy!
I O U Book

Make an I owe You book or coupon book.

What you will need:

  • Index cards or construction paper about the same size
  • Hole punch
  • Yarn or ribbon
  • markers, pens or crayons

Think of the things you can do to help your dad. For example, “IOU an afternoon of pulling weeds with you,” or “IOU one week of taking out the trash.”

Punch two holes in one of the covers. Trace the holes on each page or IOU and the other cover so the holes will line up. Punch the holes. Put yarn or ribbon through the holes and tie in a bow.

Dad can use these coupons whenever he wishes and he will appreciate the thoughtful and helpful gift!

Foot Print

What you will need:

  • Construction paper
  • Hole punch
  • Yarn
  • Markers or crayons and a pen
  • Scissors

First, trace child’s footprint on the construction paper, then cut around it a much larger shoe (Dad’s pretend footprint) then cut out. The card will be in the shape of the larger footprint. On the card either write or glue the printed version of the following poem on the footprint.

Here is my little footprint
One day it will fit your shoe
I watch what you are doing
Because Daddy I want to be like you.

*Another version is to glue the larger footprint on a large colored construction paper. Punch out three pair of holes like a shoe, and use yarn to lace it up like a shoe. Place the poem next to it.

Hand Print Poem For Dad

Use paint on tiny little hands to make a hand print on a piece of construction paper. You can use a large piece of paper to laminate and make into a place mat. Next to the hand print, glue on a poem. You can print out the poem below (or your make your own poem.)

Sometimes you get discouraged
Because I am so small
And always leave my fingerprints
On furniture and walls.

But every day I’m growing -
I’ll be grown some day
And all those tiny handprints
Will surely fade away.

So here’s a little handprint
Just so you can recall
Exactly how my fingers looked
When I was very small.


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