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Make a Sombrero for Cinco de Mayo

Looking for a cute decoration or craft for Cinco de Mayo? Making a sombrero is fun and creative for children. You can also make for your own fiesta!

First of all the pictures on this page show styrofoam, which I do not recommend for several reasons. The first and most important is that they are wasteful and do not decompose. Now, on the other hand, if you are recycling from a restaurant then I would say use them. They are not as easy to decorate, but worth it if you are reusing. But, you get the idea.

You will need a paper plate and paper cup and tape. You can choose small or normal, it is up to you.

Optional items include pom poms, paint, glitter glue and sequins.

Tape the paper cup to the paper plate (in the picture below, a hole was made to push the cup through.)

If you would like to make the cups look authentic, paint them a light brown or cream color. Let it dry and then decorate.

Otherwise, just decorate and you have a mini sombrero!

Other versions of this craft:

Using larger white and cardboard plates, with paper cups, decorate, add ribbon to the paper plates to tie on and wear. Place hole in the sides of the plate to add the ribbon. Also, to decorate add streamers to the ends of the plate. These sombreros would look great hanging from your ceiling for a fiesta or just for fun.

Have fun and let the children get creative. Plan a small party for a group of friends. Make mini sombreros, do the Mexican Hat Dance and have a piñata and you are all set for a fun celebration. Serve some simple food such as chips, guacamole and salsa. If your having children, serve up quesadillas as most kids will eat this!



Tortillas (corn, if you are serving gluten free)

Grated cheese (cheddar or monterey jack)

Oil or butter

Optional items to include, avocado, onions, sliced olives, mushrooms, anything you want!

Heat frying pan on medium high heat. Spread oil or butter. Place tortilla on pan, flip it a few times to warm it up. Sprinkle cheese and any other of your optional ingredients. Fold it in half, flip once to melt cheese. Cut into wedges and serve warm. You can always serve with guacamole, salsa and sour cream.

The Mexican Hat Dance

This is a national folk dance that is also known as Jarabe Tapatio and was written in the 1800s during the revolution. Teaching children the dance with music is fun and is a great way to use their brand new mini sombreros! it can be done with a partner or whole group.

Mini Fiesta

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a mini fiesta. Decorate with little pinatas and tissue flowers,

Cook up a few of these tasty treats, set up a table and enjoy!

Simple Homemade Salsa


3 large ripe tomatoes, chopped

1 clove garlic, minced

4 green onions, chopped (include the green part)

2 Tablespoon onion, finely chopped

2 Tablespoons fresh cilantro, chopped

½ tsp salt

Squeeze in half of a lime

Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Stir well and let sit for about 30 minutes in refrigerator to let the flavors settle. It is not a big deal if your little ones cannot wait!

Holy Moly Guacolmole

4 avocado
1 medium tomato, seeded and diced
1/4 cup onion, peeled and diced
1 serrano chile, seeded and diced
1/4 cup crema (or sour cream)
1/8 cup cilantro leaves, coarsely chopped
2 tablespoons lime juice
salt and pepper to taste
Mash 2 of the avocado with the back of a fork or other mashing utensil. Add in the serrano, onion and cilantro. Fold in crema and lime juice. Add salt and pepper to taste. Dice the remaining avocado into 1/4 – 1/2 inch cubes.
Fold the diced avocado and tomato into the mashed avocado mixture. Serve immediately.

Muy, Muy Simple Guacomole


2 Avocado

Minced or crushed garlic to taste (I just put in a spoonful)

Lemon or lime (whatever you have)

Cilantro (Fresh if possible, otherwise shake it in!)

Mash up avocado and mix all ingredients. My children love this version because it is more bland than other recipes and that is what they like at the moment!

Homemade Flour Tortilla

So I have never made this kind, here is a descriptive page found to make flour tortillas. This would be fun for older children.



Flour tortillas

Shredded cheddar cheese


Heat frying pan to medium heat, pace butter in pan. Place tortilla on pan, sprinkle desired amount of cheese on tortilla. you can fold tortilla in half, remove when cheese is melted and enjoy.

Other yummy treats include nachos, tostados, burritos, tacos, flan and the list continues.

Mouth Watering Salsa Recipes from Great Salsa. One bite and you will be begging for more. Find a variety of salsa recipes to suit any mood and palate, from the delicate to the asbestos. Enjoy!

Cinco de Mayo

So what is Cinco de Mayo?

According to Wikipedia, Cinco de Mayo (“5th of May” in English) is observed in the United States and other locations around the world as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. A common misconception in the United States is that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day; Mexico’s Independence Day is actually September 16 (dieciséis de septiembre in Spanish), which is the most important national patriotic holiday in Mexico. More information can be found at

So, another opportunity to celebrate and learn about other cultures and geography! I always love to take advantage of a holiday to make learning fun.

Here are a few ideas to bring the celebration to your home or classroom.

Tissue Paper Flowers

An oldie but goodie. What you will need; 4-6 sheets tissue paper per flower and pipe cleaners.

Cut the tissue into rectangles, all the same size. The size you choose depends on the size flower you want.

Accordian fold the paper about one inch, then fold in middle and twist pipe cleaner.

Separate the tissue from one another and pull gently in one direction to make flower.

Options: Use a stick to wrap additional green pipe cleaners around and attach as a stem to hold flower, instead of pipe cleaner tie with string and tie to a hair tie to put in hair.


To make your own shakers you will need; paper plates, markers or crayons to decorate, dried beans, stapler, streamers or ribbon.

Decorate two paper plates (the bottom parts of the plate), place beans in one plate and tape streamers or ribbons on plate. Put other plate on top, so the bottom of the plates are facing out.

Staple around the plates to compete the shaker!

Tips: For the little ones use larger beans like Lima beans or cereal and you can tape over the staples so little fingers do not get hurt. To avoid staples, you can use toilet paper rolls and tape over the ends once you have put the beans or cereal in the tube.

Put on some Mexican music and shake along.


Make or buy a pinata and have a celebration! I have never made one of these, so I found a link if you are so ambitious, let me know how it goes. Make sure you are prepared for a mess.

Paper Bag Pinata

This version is more my style and lots of fun to make. You can also make individual pinatas out of lunch size paper bags with no treats inside that are great decorations for the home or classroom. Fantastico!

You will need:

Large paper bag (grocery size)
Approximately half a bag full of candy and/or small treats (pencils, stickers, small toys, etc.) mixed with colored paper. It should not weigh too much.

Colored tissue paper
Glue sticks
Small paper bags and old newspaper

Fill large bag with treats, fold down top, and tape closed. As a family or class, decide on a design for the pinata. Use pieces of tissue paper to cover paper bag and decorate. Small bags filled with newspaper and covered with tissue paper can be used to create features like ears, noses, legs and tails.

After pinata dries, use heavy yarn or twine to suspend from ceiling, tree or stick. Let children take turns hitting it with a stick until it breaks and treats fall out.
Make a Spanish Book

You will need: blank paper, stapler or hole punch with string, pencil and crayons.

Decide on theme and length of book. For example, a counting book with four sheets of paper. Fold the sheets of paper in half, staple or hole punch the binding of the book. If using a hole punch, use a brad or string to complete the binding.

Write the title and author on the cover. (“Child’s name” Counting book”)

You or the child will write on each page and then illustrate. The writing depends on the age of your child it may be a simple “uno” with the numeral (1) written next to it. Then have the child draw a picture of one thing, and so on.
Additional themes may be animals, body parts, colors, etc. or for older children it could be a book about Mexico.

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