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Spring “fake” Flower Cards

Looking for something to do with left over fake flowers, cute ideas for spring, creative shower and birthday party ideas? These are simple and can add a fun touch to your spring!

Spring birthdays are so fun to plan, especially for girls with flowers, animals and butterflies! Making homemade  spring cards can be a group activity for girl scouts, a center idea for teachers, mother’s day card ideas or an activity at a birthday party.  Collect and take apart silk flowers, find buttons, rhinestones and markers.

Have the child glue the flowers on along with a button on the inside of the flower. Allow to dry, and then add the stems and grass to complete the design. I always plan ahead and have this type of activity first for a party or group activity to allow time for the glue to dry. Then, at the end have them add any drawings, words to the card. Do you have a child that loves crafts? Make these cards for thank you notes or invitations.

These spring cups are perfect for parties, Easter and showers.  This is creative, inexpensive and simple. Not a bad combination for people that like to throw parties for children or adults! Prepare the week before the party to allow drying, and to leave the few days before a party for other things like food preparation and cleaning. We used these for a little girl birthday party and they all loved them. Simple enough for them to go home and make on their own. I have not tried  to glue flowers on plastic cups. It worked great on theses paper cups and no flowers fell off.

Valentine’s Day, Colorful Hearts

This activity was used in a classroom center, so I made it to use for many children. I wrote out the steps and numbered, but I left them scrambled, so the group would have to put them in order to start the activity. Depending on the age of your children, you could do this whole group or at home. The activity is meant for following directions, tracing, cutting and placing the hearts in order from largest to smallest. if you are short on time, you can tailor it to meet your needs. For example, use only three hearts for the project or use the two large hearts and only glue the bottom three quarters to make a heart pocket. The ideas go on, but  you get what I mean. Have fun and celebrate love!

Make Fall Frames

Show off all you have to be thankful for in this adorable frame….I am talking about your family!  So, I have a super crafty friend who had us over to make these adorable frames for Halloween. I chose paper that could be kept up for the fall and Thanksgiving, simply because I like to do less decorating and have less storage.

Fall Frames

These are simple and are a great craft for children and adults alike. The frames with a family picture or child’s art work make a perfect gift for family or the Thanksgiving hostess this year.

What you need:

Wood frame (the one I used is a dollar frame from Michaels

Wood cut out (pumpkin used in pictured frame)

Scrapbook paper (I used 12×12 to have the two frames match)



adhesive (glue)


scissors and Exacto knife

This is the back of the frame and you can paint before or after paper is applied.

If you choose before,  leave time for drying before you complete the craft.

Back of the FrameWhat to Do:

First paint the inside and outer edges and allow to dry.

During this time, cut the paper to fit whole frame. This will not be perfect and can be cut closer to edge with exacto knife and will then be sandpapered to get that smooth look on the edges.

Smear glue onto front of wooden frame and place paper on to dry. Cut out the middle square with an exacto knife and then smoothing the edges with sand paper.

Repeat the same process with your chosen wooden cut out and glue to your frame when it is all dry. I placed the pumpkin in different locations, you can also print the year or family name onto the wooden cut-out. I kept mine plain in case I wanted to change the picture in the future.

Here are the edges of the frame after the sandpaper.

Fall Frame

These frames are so inexpensive and can be used throughout the year. The same craft above can be used for all holidays with the appropriate paper. Think of all the beautiful paper for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays and vacations. Check out other ideas for these frames such as the summertime Life is a Beach frame and the Nuts and Bolts Father’s Day frame.

These frames can be used for girl scouts, birthday parties and in classrooms for parents gifts. Of course, if you choose to use paper get some adult helpers for the exacto knife part. But, children of all ages can do some variation using these frames. Happy decorating!

Creating Relationships and Art

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

~Henry Ford

If you have more than one child, it is a conscience effort to create a bond and relationship that is supportive and uplifting. There will always be valleys in all relationships. But the more we (the parents) create team work and positive environments, the more our children can learn about solving problems and conflict resolution before hitting that big world on their own.

Ownership and pride are an amazing feeling to all of us, especially children. Let your child or children have  an older piece of furniture or in our case an outdoor picnic table from Ikea. Depending on your children, they may have a plan or they may just have at it to make it their own. That is going to be up to you. Is it a piece that many people will see or use and you want a particular look? Well then, you may need to plan the activity for the children. In our case, the table was exclusively for children and I wanted it to be there own. We have had the children paint shelves for their room and in that case, there was only one color to match the bedroom. The whole point is to have pride in what they own and see around the home, as well as to be an important part of the family and home life.

Take time for breaks. Sitting together and sharing some lemonade and is another moment for dialog or just silliness. For many of you, this is perfect for the spring time to prepare for the summer. In the desert, this is our fall and winter thing to enjoy our beautiful time of the year!

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If you do not have the space, look up any local charities or even a senior home that may need some work done. Picture frames are simple and inexpensive to make for the home. Spending time as a family seems almost impossible to squeeze in some days. Make time and schedule into your calendar if you have to!

Decorative Clip Board

This started as a request for my daughter to bring in a clip board to use at school during reading time. We decided to decorate and have her name on the board. I had plenty of scraps and craft leftovers for my daughter to choose a variety of colors and textures. This craft is inexpensive, creative and fun. First, buy a plain clip board. They can be found for around two dollars.

You can be much more creative than we were. The possibilities are exciting from old postcards, pictures, cut outs, fabric and more. In our pictures, you will see stickers, flowers and scrapbook paper. You will also need Mod Podge or another clear adhesive.

Place papers, stickers, and all of your materials on clip board. Apply first layer of adhesive and allow to dry for about twenty minutes. I used a paintbrush to apply and then place in water so the adhesive does not dry on the brush. Apply and dry as many time as is needed. It may take longer for thicker paper.

We chose not to decorate the sides, but would have added ribbon to cover and decorate the sides. Since it was for school and most likely going to be well utilized, we just Mod Podged the sides to be smooth.

If your child enjoys making gifts for others, this would be perfect. It could easily be themed for teachers, coaches, fathers and mothers for gifts. Are you looking for a great girl scout, playgroup or birthday craft? Children will love bringing these home and using them for sketching or writing. Have fun creating!

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Cupcake Liner Flowers

Looking for another way to use left over doilies and cupcake liners? These simple and fun flowers are a joy for little ones to create. The flowers make pretty birthday and shower decorations. Place them in a vase, pot or plant.

All you need are cupcake liners of any size and color, doilies and popsicle sticks. The doilies are optional or you could cut a circle out of paper for some more color.

Flatten out one of the cupcake liners. Glue on to the doilie. Place the cupcake liner and glue onto the flattened piece, as seen below.

The popsicle stick will then be taped or glued to the back and left to dry.

Simple and fun always works for a quick afternoon craft. Make a few for a bouquet to give as gifts for Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Make Your Own Hair Bow Holder

Are you always searching for barrettes and bows or do you find them around the house? This is a simple and cute way to keep all of the clips in one place as well as teach your child organization. I have seen these in boutiques and made mine for a fraction of the price. Not to mention the time and effort is little. It is also a great project to do together with your daughter. My girl really loves having it hang in her room.

You will need ribbon, two D rings, fabric glue or hot glue and gun, decorative piece for the top. In mine I used a silk pink flower as pictured above.

I had my daughter go to the store to pick out ribbon and flower.

How to Make: Cut ribbon to the size you wish, leaving extra ribbon to fold over on the ends (at least two inches, an inch for each side).

Tip: Measure space you are going to hang the bow holder to ensure you get it right the first time.

Place the D ring at the end and fold ribbon over the flat part of ring. Glue and let dry. Repeat for other end.

Next: Glue your decorative piece at the top of bow holder and allow to dry. I used a flower but many things can be used. For example, wooden shapes and cut outs, felt flowers or animal pieces, brooches and more could be used to place at the top. The options are endless. If you have a themed bedroom or bathroom, you will be able to find some unique pieces to tie it all together.

I love that our young daughter can find what she needs when we are trying to get out of the door. It is always a challenge to get out in the mornings and all that we can do to keep it peaceful and organized is welcome.

This is always a great gift for new mothers and other girls. It is such a joy to give something that was chosen and created by a friend. I love seeing my child get excited to give something she has put her thought and time into, what a precious lesson in kindness and giving. This is also an ideal birthday party craft for older girls and a great gift to walk away with from the party. Fabric glue could be used, so there is no worry about hot glue.

Enjoy and be creative!

My Many Colored Days

I just love designing a day around a theme. Colors are fun and creative and simple.

Read the book My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss. It explores the many feelings children experience throughout the day. The bright pictures are attractive. Discuss how colors resemble feelings. Have children fill in the sentence:

Today is a _____ day because____________.

Then using the main color from the sentence and the mood, paint a picture.

Blue can be many things including sad or peaceful. In this case it was a peaceful and relaxed feeling.

Click here for more color theme ideas!

Make Your Own Garland Using Cupcake Liners

Making your own garland is fun and a great project for children. Hanging garland for birthday parties, bridal and baby showers and holidays make the home festive and add a unique touch. The garland below was made by a soon to be six year old for a “Pink Poodle in Paris” theme. But, I could easily use it for many other themes and gatherings.

Materials: In this particular garland we used large and small cupcake liners, doilies and white coffee filters. you will also need yarn, thread or string and a needle. Masking tape can be placed at the end so the materials do not fall off.

Optional sponge: The sponge was used as a pin cushion that she could place the doily on to and then press the needle through the doily into the sponge. This made it easy to make holes into the doily and materials. It also meant no pokes to the skin and a faster process.

It is just like making a super long necklace, pull out the string and tie a knot at the end. I place masking tape at the end.

Thread through the materials and carefully pull to the end of your string. Remember to place cups bottom to bottom when you can and not to have a small cupcake liner right in front of a large cupcake liner, it will get eaten right up and will not be able to be seen.

There are many great options for other celebrations. For anniversary parties there are gold or silver doilies, foil cupcake liners and small individual pie tins. Baby showers would have some great blues and pinks to use that would catch all of the guest eyes. Is someone in your office getting married, make a garland with all white or use glitter to shine it up. Hang over office door or in their work area to show your support. There are so many adorable cupcake liners available out there, the ideas are endless.

Children may enjoy coloring coffee filters with markers, spraying them with water and allowing them to dry. Then, they could string along the colorful coffee filters for their own colorful and unique garland. This would be a great classroom activity.

On a side note, if you have a boys celebration coming up such as birthday party or end of the year sports celebration, you can use plain paper instead of doilies. Use paper and cut into a circle and use in place. Enjoy.

No Sew Fabric Flowers

I love these fabric flowers that can be used for many things such as hair bows, magnets and decorations for frames and bulletin boards. Best thing yet, is you will probably have the materials needed at home already. The tutorial is simple to follow and I am excited as this will be a great project for my daughter and me. I am thinking Fourth of July or Christmas for her play group buddies. I know, it is only June, but Christmas always comes quickly and I always run out of time that time of year. I felt so good that one year I had everything made early.

Check out the cuteness below!

No Sew Fabric Flower Tutorial by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

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