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Pink Poodle Party Decorations and Cake

The decorations and food were all inspired by some great cupcake holders and decoration.

The plates that matched were adorable and can be seen on the table with the poodles cake. So far, my mom has been commissioned with the task of a birthday cake each for my daughter. They are never typical requests and she is always up for the challenge! It is so great to have a cool grandma in town. She wrapped the cake board with wrapping paper to match the theme. Many circle pans were used along with small and large marshmallows. The marshmallows were cut in half before placing on the cake.  The black licorice was used for the legs and pulled apart to use as eyes and mouth. Having marshmallows with cake were quite the excitement!

The cake had its own table with fresh flowers and a few decorations. As an afterthought I would have put a linen white or lace table cloth. We rented out a community center, so I did not have the chance to add any last details. Also, six year olds do not seem to mind these things!

Pink and white balloons were put in clusters throughout the room and entrance along with homemade and store bought streamers. We had a large eiffel tower in our home already and added twinkle lights. We also put twinkle lights on the plants that were in the room we rented.

Check out how to make the cupcake liner, coffee filter and doily garland in previous blog.

Add some color to your twinkle lights with small cupcake liners, of course use precaution with safety. We were in a small room and able to have an eye on lights at all time. Simply poke a hole through liner and place on lights.

We were fortunate to have this room to rent out. The house would have worked and just would have been a little cozy. The rooms would have been used for different activities and if weather permitted I would do the painting activity outside and allowed them to dry on the patio. I enjoy having parties at home as it gives you time before the party to decorate. But, it was nice to have it all done when we returned home that day.

To complete the party atmosphere, we had a few fun French songs mingled in with our party mix. Oui, a good time was had by all!

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