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Pink Poodle Party Activities

These activities were designed for a six year old birthday party that was all girls, except for big brother who remained in the background until piñata time. He actually manned the snack shop and was a big hit with his popcorn and drinks.

Creative Table:

I am a big fan of having an extra space for those children that get things done quickly. Maybe it is my teacher instinct to always keep them engaged. So, every party I will have some sort of space for free time. Since we had the rented room and plenty of space, I had two activities plus paper and markers for drawing. One activity was to try and draw a poodle, there were directions on the table if they water. The other was to make a doily and cupcake liner flower. These were just ideas and the girls could do whatever they pleased at the “Creative Table.”

Flower Masterpiece:

I had them start with this project first as it takes a while to dry. I also had large pieces of cardboard, which were cut from boxes. This allowed the girls to place their finished piece on the board to carry home. Parents were thankful for the extra protection for the car ride home.

I have this activity in in detail on another post,  click here for details.

Necklace and Headbands:

I had a paper plate with each child’s name and all they would need to assemble a necklace. As they worked on these, I had a parent helper (awesome friend) call the girls two at a time to a table to make a headband. I had flowers from the art project pulled aside that were smaller along with buttons. The girls chose which colors and the parent hot glued the headband together. I wanted another favor for them to bring home that they were involved in.


On line there are pinatas for most themes including a pink poodle. I cannot remember who I went through, but it was about 25.00.

Snack Shop:

I took pretty scrap book paper that was black and white and rolled them into cones. We then filled them up with popcorn. During the party girls could go and be served drinks and snacks, a big hit.

Party Favors:

Each guest received a beautiful pink poodle cookie, they were scrumptious!

They also had their necklace, headband flower masterpiece and toys and candy from the piñata.

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