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Inspired for A Party

Chatting with my soon to be six year old, she mentions she would like her party at home. Hmmm.  What to do?  Our home does not hold as many friends as our hearts do around here. Another problem! Encouraging her to have a jumpy party or park party simply did not work.  It is her day and her personality to be intimate, so one thing down. Party at the home.  Now what?

Walking with my little girl through Sur la Table we were both inspired by beautiful plates and cupcake toppers!  Her sixth birthday is approaching and as we saw this beautiful set we both knew it was perfect. Well, maybe a little more me. You just never know what wonderful thing may happen during a day.  So, we have been working together on planning  and building ideas for the party just from finding cupcake liners. Once we have a few things down….I am working with a five year old, I will share the details.  I have to say, I am truly enjoying the moments with my daughter.

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