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Little Miss Picky-Spelling Game

Children love to play games and anytime children are involved in learning without knowing it they will be more involved. So, this game is based off of a spelling game I used to do in the classroom.  You can easily modify the game for ages four through eight years old.  In the example, I will use letters but older children could be learning suffixes and non-suffixes, compound words  and non-compound words or adjectives and non-adjectives .  This should be a fun and short way to reinforce spelling and word properties at home or in the classroom.


Write the heading “likes” and “dislikes” on the whiteboard or paper.  Then have the child or children guess what little Miss Picky might like to eat.

SHHH….. Do not tell them what she eats. As they guess, write down their guess in the appropriate column.

For this example, Miss Picky will only eat foods that start with the letter “S.”  But it could be only words with a long o sound, short a sound, two syllables, five letters….you get the point.

The object of the game is to discover the pattern of Miss Picky.

So on with the example:

In the “Likes” column you may see; spaghetti, strawberries, sandwiches, squash.

In the “Dislikes” column you may see jelly, tomatoes, bagels, oranges etc.

*If you have a few more minutes and they have guessed the pattern, allow them to come up and continue the list.

*Artsy people can draw a Little Miss Picky and write the accepted words on her body or dress.  If you are using this in a classroom, laminate Miss Picky and use a dry erase marker each time you play!

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