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Leaf Activities

Guess what I woke up to? A beautiful and colorful plant! My daughter decided that we needed some color in the desert. Luckily our home is not in need of more color!

Besides the artistic look of our new plant, we discovered the cool veins of the leaf.

So, what is a leaf and what does it do?

Leafs are very important to the plant. They make the food for it to survive, the whole process is called photosynthesis. Within the leaf there are structures that convert the sunlight energy into chemical energy that the plant is able to use as food. Chlorophyll is the molecule that uses the energy in sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide gas into sugar and oxygen gas. Note: This is a great time to ask what we need to survive and an open ended question about why plants are important to us and the earth.

The leaf has an epidermis that is a tough skin cell. In between the two outer layers are several other layers such as the spongy mesophyll. The epidermis excretes a waxy substance that is called the cuticle. this is important as it leaves a protection on the leaf against pests and bacteria. Take a look at a leaf and the veins. The veins support the leaf and have vessels that transport food, minerals and water to the rest of the plant. Leaves can be found in many shapes and sizes.

Leaf Hunt:

Search and find many leaves from around the community. If it is not the right time of year or there are no trees, find a book. Younger children can draw or tape leaf on a large board and write describing words for each leaf. They can also sort the leaves by a trait such as round, pointy, small or large.

Vocabulary Tree:

Individual children can make a tree out of construction paper and then write a vocabulary word on a  leaf with the meaning. a classroom or homeschool children can make a larger tree out of butcher paper and add on a leaf and it’s meaning as they are discussed. if there is not the time for this activity, it is possible to add words to a science journal or a small book titled Leaf Vocabulary Words. Many definitions could also have drawings and diagrams.

Label a Leaf:

Have child draw and label a leaf. This is a better way to have child remember and discover all about the leaf.

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