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Do The Stars Shine During The Day?

This fun and easy lesson demonstrates that the stars are always shining!

You will need:

paper hole punch, index card,white letter envelope and a flashlight


Punch about eight holes in the card

stars lesson

Place the index card into the envelope

Hold the envelope in front of you with the flashlight about two inches from the front of of the envelope and over the index card (Do this in a well lit room.)

Do you see the holes?

(The holes in the index card are not seen when the light shines on the front side, away from you.)

Now, move the flashlight behind the envelope, holding the flashlight about two inches from the back of the envelope.

(The holes are now seen when the light comes from behind the envelope and towards you.)


Light passes through the holes no matter where the flashlight is directed, but only when the surrounding area is darker than the light coming through the holes can they be seen. This is true of stars. They shine during the daylight hours, but the sky is bright from the sun’s light so the stars just blend in.  That is why stars are most visible on dark nights and away from city lights.

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