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Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is such a fun day to celebrate family and love. It is also another opportunity to create or maintain some traditions within your family. Families can start a new tradition to pass on to your children, grandchildren and future children. Trying to keep family values and quality time together gets more challenging with all of the crazy schedules and activities that creep into our lives. Setting aside precious time for the family to bond and grow is so important. Here are a few easy Valentine’s ideas to get you started.

First, have your goal for the day or week. Have you been wanting to instill a giving and serving attitude in your family? If so, maybe this week can be about “serving others.” Choose a family or person in need and spend a day making food such as cookies, muffins or cupcakes. The idea of making a gift from scratch, wrapping it nicely and delivering is a simple yet strong way to serve and show love in your own neighborhood. Older children may be able to serve at an actual shelter within your city. I think that making Valentine’s Day a serving week is unique and not as crowded as Christmas and Thanksgiving time.

Another goal can be quality family time. I have chosen this as our theme at this point in our lives. With young children in school, our time is limited and I still want it to be special. We have typically made the night a fancy night. We make a great dessert and have fondue on Valentine’s night. I love the creativeness of children, we decorate and they take over. I ask for place mats and they can decorate how they want. If you have issues of being perfect then you may want to have crafts planned or to buy Valentine themed decorations!

When the children were younger I had more of a friend themed day. I would organize crafts and the children would decorate cookies and then have some time for play. These play dates were fun. I am hoping when the children are older to have a fun night together, maybe a dinner and movie. Maybe those of you with older kiddos are laughing at me, don’t spoil my dream yet. But if you have suggestions for teenagers, please fill us dreamers in!

Here is a cute and fun craft that was done at the home of another super cool mom I know. You can buy or make a die cut of a heart, glue on the fun glitter pom poms or any kind. It takes a while to dry. Smear the glue on the cut out and then add the pom poms or other decorations. The sparkly hearts look super cute hanging on the wall for Valentine’s Day.

Glittery Pom Poms

Valentine's Day Craft

Wishing you and your family a day full of loving hearts and great time spent together.

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