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Spring Windsock

What You Will Need:

Construction Paper, any size, we like the large 18″


Spring themed sponge (optional)

Staples, tape and hole punch


Streamers or crepe paper

Using a large piece of white construction paper, have the child paint or sponge paper. Print one side of the paper, let dry. Fold the paper into “tube” shape, with the prints on the outside. Staple ends together and tape middle. Staple three strands of  crepe paper at the bottom.  Put two hole punches at the top and have the child string through. Beautiful Spring Windsocks!

This can be used for any spring activity or holiday.  For example, for St. Patrick’s day you can use green paint and a shamrock sponge and green streamers.

As you can see in the picture below it is a good idea to do outside if possible!


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