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Shimmering Shamrocks

There are many ways to decorate a shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day. Utilize any extra craft materials such as buttons, material, yarn, stickers etc. and let the children have fun creating their own design. Here are a few other ideas for your wee ones!

Finger Paint Shamrock
Cut a shamrock shape out of white finger-paint paper. Put a dab of yellow and blue paint on the paper, let children finger-paint when done sprinkle on some green glitter they turn out very pretty.
Sweet Shamrock
Cut out shamrock shapes from green paper. Have the children put glue around the edge of the shamrock. Sprinkle salt or sugar on the glue.

Spotted Shamrock
Cut out smaller sized shamrocks from 81/2×11 paper. Have paint in bowls and Q-tips available in each color. Demonstrate how to make dots by “stamping” the paper, this looks great when they finish. The smaller size is because it takes a while to do this, for the impatient children you may need to help or they may try to paint with the Q-tip to complete faster. To extend this activity and teach about pointalism there are a few sites but here is one with a neat activity and sample pictures:

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