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Pudding Paint

Doing this activity for the first time with my two and four year old brought out their different personalities so clearly and humorously.  Little Lauren literally dove into the pudding and started body painting.  Her masterpiece never made it on the wall because it never dried and we left that thing out for a few days!  I was happy with my decision to try this outside.  So, use small bowls of pudding to give your little ones that like to get dirty.  As for my contemplative four year old, he dipped in a finger or two and made a few lines and thought that was enough for him and off to wash his hands!

I used pistachio pudding for St. Patrick’s Day but like the idea of vanilla so there are no nuts in it.

Pudding Paint Recipe:
Instant Vanilla Pudding
Food Coloring
Mix pudding according to directions
Add food coloring for desired color.
You can also use different flavors of pudding for different colors of paint.


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