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Mother’s Day Table Cloth

Want to give a gift that your mom will cherish and love to bring out year after year? Or, in my case, make yourself a mother’s day keepsake that you can bring out for mother’s day every year. To make this memorable gift you will need a plain cotton table cloth that fits the table you are designing this for, fabric paints, fabric markers and all of the little or big hands of the family.

First, wash the linen and iron if needed then lay out to prepare for hand prints. Remember for the little children to remind them to open their fingers and press down one time on cloth. You may even want to practice with them. This was much easier with another adult ready to clean painted hands right away, unless you do not mind stray marks here and there! I do have a finger print on my table cloth that I now find artistic, although I did not see it at the time. Starting in the middle and working the hands around seems to be the easiest to line up. My sample below has vines to connect the hands but just the hand prints would work just as well.

If you want to have the same color every year you may want to write the color down or buy extras for the following years. To add to this already cute and simple gift you could add linen napkins with fingerprints or another hand print as well as homemade napkin rings. Moms love this kind of thing and will appreciate the thought and love in this table cloth.

This gift continues on every year and eventually will continue with the grandchildren. I love it!


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