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Make Your Own Hair Bow Holder

Are you always searching for barrettes and bows or do you find them around the house? This is a simple and cute way to keep all of the clips in one place as well as teach your child organization. I have seen these in boutiques and made mine for a fraction of the price. Not to mention the time and effort is little. It is also a great project to do together with your daughter. My girl really loves having it hang in her room.

You will need ribbon, two D rings, fabric glue or hot glue and gun, decorative piece for the top. In mine I used a silk pink flower as pictured above.

I had my daughter go to the store to pick out ribbon and flower.

How to Make: Cut ribbon to the size you wish, leaving extra ribbon to fold over on the ends (at least two inches, an inch for each side).

Tip: Measure space you are going to hang the bow holder to ensure you get it right the first time.

Place the D ring at the end and fold ribbon over the flat part of ring. Glue and let dry. Repeat for other end.

Next: Glue your decorative piece at the top of bow holder and allow to dry. I used a flower but many things can be used. For example, wooden shapes and cut outs, felt flowers or animal pieces, brooches and more could be used to place at the top. The options are endless. If you have a themed bedroom or bathroom, you will be able to find some unique pieces to tie it all together.

I love that our young daughter can find what she needs when we are trying to get out of the door. It is always a challenge to get out in the mornings and all that we can do to keep it peaceful and organized is welcome.

This is always a great gift for new mothers and other girls. It is such a joy to give something that was chosen and created by a friend. I love seeing my child get excited to give something she has put her thought and time into, what a precious lesson in kindness and giving. This is also an ideal birthday party craft for older girls and a great gift to walk away with from the party. Fabric glue could be used, so there is no worry about hot glue.

Enjoy and be creative!

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