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Make Your Own Garland Using Cupcake Liners

Making your own garland is fun and a great project for children. Hanging garland for birthday parties, bridal and baby showers and holidays make the home festive and add a unique touch. The garland below was made by a soon to be six year old for a “Pink Poodle in Paris” theme. But, I could easily use it for many other themes and gatherings.

Materials: In this particular garland we used large and small cupcake liners, doilies and white coffee filters. you will also need yarn, thread or string and a needle. Masking tape can be placed at the end so the materials do not fall off.

Optional sponge: The sponge was used as a pin cushion that she could place the doily on to and then press the needle through the doily into the sponge. This made it easy to make holes into the doily and materials. It also meant no pokes to the skin and a faster process.

It is just like making a super long necklace, pull out the string and tie a knot at the end. I place masking tape at the end.

Thread through the materials and carefully pull to the end of your string. Remember to place cups bottom to bottom when you can and not to have a small cupcake liner right in front of a large cupcake liner, it will get eaten right up and will not be able to be seen.

There are many great options for other celebrations. For anniversary parties there are gold or silver doilies, foil cupcake liners and small individual pie tins. Baby showers would have some great blues and pinks to use that would catch all of the guest eyes. Is someone in your office getting married, make a garland with all white or use glitter to shine it up. Hang over office door or in their work area to show your support. There are so many adorable cupcake liners available out there, the ideas are endless.

Children may enjoy coloring coffee filters with markers, spraying them with water and allowing them to dry. Then, they could string along the colorful coffee filters for their own colorful and unique garland. This would be a great classroom activity.

On a side note, if you have a boys celebration coming up such as birthday party or end of the year sports celebration, you can use plain paper instead of doilies. Use paper and cut into a circle and use in place. Enjoy.

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