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Make it Fun Wrapping Paper

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” -Mother Teresa

Children love to be involved in making things, especially useful items that will be appreciated.  Having art projects that can be used and given have double duty for me. I love to have art on our walls, but if I can share the wealth, I am happy! When your child loves art, this is an ideal ongoing project. The art time is given and then the art is used to wrap a gift and you still have some space on your walls.

This is super easy and the possibilities are endless. Butcher paper or rolls of paper are perfect for making your own wrapping paper. You can do one large project and store to use the wrapping paper when needed or it can be done to suit the person you are giving the gift to. Please note, this can also be done with plain gift bags.

In my example, I have used paint and a few sequins found in the cupboard. This was designed by a preschooler and it was great fun.

An example of a few decorating items could be glitter glue, paint, tissue paper glued on, stamps, photographs, water color, sequins, rhinestones and more.

If you are in a pinch, stickers could also work and then there is no worry about drying time. Another cute wrapping paper is when they use the paint dotters or sponges. Teaching the art of hospitality and joy of giving is a timeless and useful lesson. The simple act of putting love and time into a gift can show much more to our children than simply buying and doing it for them.

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