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Decorative Clip Board

This started as a request for my daughter to bring in a clip board to use at school during reading time. We decided to decorate and have her name on the board. I had plenty of scraps and craft leftovers for my daughter to choose a variety of colors and textures. This craft is inexpensive, creative and fun. First, buy a plain clip board. They can be found for around two dollars.

You can be much more creative than we were. The possibilities are exciting from old postcards, pictures, cut outs, fabric and more. In our pictures, you will see stickers, flowers and scrapbook paper. You will also need Mod Podge or another clear adhesive.

Place papers, stickers, and all of your materials on clip board. Apply first layer of adhesive and allow to dry for about twenty minutes. I used a paintbrush to apply and then place in water so the adhesive does not dry on the brush. Apply and dry as many time as is needed. It may take longer for thicker paper.

We chose not to decorate the sides, but would have added ribbon to cover and decorate the sides. Since it was for school and most likely going to be well utilized, we just Mod Podged the sides to be smooth.

If your child enjoys making gifts for others, this would be perfect. It could easily be themed for teachers, coaches, fathers and mothers for gifts. Are you looking for a great girl scout, playgroup or birthday craft? Children will love bringing these home and using them for sketching or writing. Have fun creating!

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