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Cool Tools for Art

A  simple and fun art project for children of all ages. Using tempera paint, have the child choose the tools they will use to move the paint around. Any type of tools can be utilized. Have the children search the surroundings such as sticks, stones and leaves. The teacher of this lesson can also bring items like popsicle sticks, ribbons, cotton swabs, straws and any other cool things.

If you are working with toddlers and pre-school children (actually any age), it can get messy. So, be prepared with drop clothes, wipes and smocks.

This is a great example for the activity nature’s paintbrush used during Earth Day.

The finished product could be used for gift wrap if the art project is done on paper rolls or on a blank gift bag. Other times we have made home made cards. You can purchase the blank cards and envelopes at a craft store or just fold paper to fit an envelope. Either way, have your child or children paint and use their tools for a unique card to give for any occasion from Mother’s Day to a simple thank you.

Children will enjoy using some of their favorite things to collect from sticks to fallen leaves to make this creative masterpiece.

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