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About Me

Previously a teacher for elementary school and now a mom of two little ones most of my life has been consumed by trying to create a safe, nurturing and learning environment! I love planning and implementing fun ways for children to learn. Throughout the years I have read numerous books on the subjects of teaching and being a great parent. But the most useful information, tips and ideas always came from other teachers and mothers.

There is a comfort in knowing what other mom’s have been through and also implementing new things, knowing it has been tested and tried by others. I have found that just like teaching, you do not need to reinvent the wheel, it is alright to use others ideas and bend it to meet your family style and needs. So, here it is, a site to find, share, and post all the cool ideas in one little place for all the new and veteran moms!

I look forward to sharing and learning more cool things to do with my little ones!


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